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Puppy Questionairre

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1. Which gender do you prefer? Is it flexible or a must?


2. What are the reasons for purchasing a German Shepherd (Family Companion, Protection Sports, Agility, SAR, Service Dog, Etc)?


3. Do you currently own other pets?


4. Do you own, rent or other?


5. Is your yard completely fenced? Where will the dog live?


6. Have you or anyone in your household ever been charged with animal cruelty or had any animal taken away from you or any member of your household for suspicion of animal cruelty?


7. Please describe any character attributes that are of particular importance to you in the puppy/dog you are seeking at this time?


8. If for a working dog, what characteristics are important for you to have and also to not have? (social/aloof, natural retrieve, full grips, drive levels, etc)


9. Have you ever trained a dog?  Attended training classes? Titles?


10. Any extra information you would like to share?