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SG Azog z Glaurung BH, IGP1, P1, Kkl



AKC DN44635601

'a1' normal hips and elbows

LUW 0 and OCD clear

DM Clear

MDR1 clear

VWD1 clear

HU clear


bball azog z glaurung


BBall is a powerhouse bicolor son of our exceptional Vendetta van den Heuvel and Mike Diehl's Irmus Galan Nalag. BBall is very strong in protection, highly trainable and driven in obedience, and motivated and precise in tracking. He has exceptionally solid nerves, a bombproof temperament, and is very social. BBall loves chidren and is easy to live with. He is truely an exceptional young male that could excel at many different careers. BBall is a very balanced dog with great prey drive with exceptional fight and aggression. He has truely inherited the best qualities from both parents. BBall has full dentition and is maturing into a good athletic physical structure. BBall earned his IGP1 with High IGP1. He is not dog aggressive.

You can read more about Vendetta on her page as well as see additional pictures and video. Click here to go to her page: Vendetta van den Heuvel.

His sire Irmus needs no introduction. He is Mike Diehl's retired competition dog, and he has been very successful placing in FCI, WUSV, USCA, WDC, and AWDF championships. Mike describes him as a "Czech male with tremendous power and un-ending drive. His grips are always full and brutal hard. His barking is genetically aggressive and dominant to the helper. He has a very fast long bite as well. Irmus is a hard dog with excellent working drives and a strong willingness to please. He has super ball drive, food drive and a natural strong tracker. He has a beautiful dark sable color and very strong bones. His progeny will be suitable for top sport work as well as police work." Irmus is regularly earns "Helper's Favorite" at trials. He is a social and very clear headed dog. He has so far produced puppies with good nerves and drive. Irmus' career highlights include winning the 2012 and 2013 Working Dog Championship, 2nd at the 2012 AWDF Championship, 3rd at the 2013 USCA Nationals, 4th at the 2014 USCA Nationals, 4th at the 2013 FCI Championship, and 11th at the 2014 WUSV.

azog z glaurung

2022 Goals: IGP2 and IGP3


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4-5 Loggi von der Maineiche

Irmus Galan Nalag  SCHH3 IPO3 (WUSV/FCI)

CMKU/ DS63539/7
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

G Hoky Va Pe IPO3, SCHH3, WM FCI, WUSV 2009

SK 48433
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

SG Tyson von der Schiffslache SCHH3 (3 X BSP), IP3

V Olix von Karthago SCHH3, BSP
G Connie vom Körnerplatz SCHH3

G Beky Va-Pe SCHH3

SG Unar von der Maineiche 3 X LGA (SCHH3), BSP(SCHH3), FCI (IPO3)
G Loggi von der Maineiche IPO2,SCHH2

SG Babeta Galán CS SCHH3 IPO3 ZVV1

CMKU 35317
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

Task vom Haus Milinda SCHH3 IPO3, CH BELGA 2000, CH OLANDESE 98

Natz vom Tegelhous CH. BE'93, CH. WUSV 93, 3 X WUSV, SCHH3, IPO 3
Quira Vom Haus Heijack SCHH3,IPO3

SG Odeta z Danaru cs SCHH3 IPO3 ZVV1

SG Adela Venusina sopka VD,IPO3,SVV2, SCHH1

SG Vendetta van Den Heuvel IPO3 PD1 P2 RN

AKC DN34607501
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

V Ängsbackens Rosso WUSV CHAMPION 2007, (4x WUSV), SCHH 3, BHP 3, IPO 3

SKK 5879201
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

Kimbo von Karthago SCHH3 (BSP) IP3 FH2

SG Theseus von Karthago SchH3 FH1
Flexie von Karthago SCHH3

Satoris Yolly UHP, BHP3, IPO3

V Aly vom Vordersteinwald SCHH3(G-BSP), FH2
SG Satoris Silla BHP3

Alma Modra strela IPO1

SUCHN 56484
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

S.G, Vito Ja-He SVV1,IPO1

V Falk von den Wölfen SCHH3 IP3 (3X SG-BSP) WUSV FCI
G Cita Va-Pe SVV-1

Kora Eqidius SVV1

Roland Eqidius SVV1,IPO3,
SG Nancy Eqidius SVV1